The most important facts about the industrial park

Total area of Mohács Industrial Park: 225 ha

Already committed area: 61%

Currently, 88 hectares (62 plots of different sizes) are available, the sale of which is continuous

Number of settled enterprises: 57, of which 45 are operating enterprises

Number of employees in the area: 900 people

The main sectors operating in Mohács Industrial Park are:

  • services (logistics, trade, shipping)
  • food industry
  • textile industry
  • wood industry (furniture production, fibreboard production, carpentry industry, timber production)
  • machinery (machine tool manufacturing, vehicle production, etc.)
  • metal industry (metal structure production, light metal casting, metal processing, metal surface treatment, etc.)
  • construction industry
  • energy industry (electricity generation)

Main advantages offered by the industrial park

  • excellent geographical location, motorway, rail and water connections, Schengen border crossing
  • clear ownership, transparent systems of rules and conditions
  • land free from soil contamination
  • properly developed industrial park infrastructure
  • skilled workforce
  • various services before and after establishment